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Alexandra Gonsor


Read about our incredible team and their passion for birth and wellness.


Alexandra Gonsor - Executive Director/Co-Owner

  • AHA CPR certified for adults and infant/children

  • Certified labor doula - Birth Arts International

  • Holistic remedies & therapeutic provider (herbs, essential oils, basic homeopathic remedies)

  • 2020Mom/PSI - Maternal Mental Health Support Specialist

  • Perinatal Outreach & Encouragement (POEM) - Maternal Mental Health Support Specialist

  • Certified Peer Support Specialist (GA licensed)

  • 200-Hour Yoga Teacher - My Vinyasa Practice (in process)

  • Certified bereavement doula - Stillbirth Day (in process)

  • Certified postpartum doula - Maternity Wise (in process)

  • Student Midwife - Midwives College of Utah (in process)

Birth work has always called to me. I knew that I wanted to experience birth to the fullest in whatever method and modality felt comfortable to me without negative influence from my family, friends, or medical providers. I was often overwhelmed by my changing body and fluctuating hormones. My rotating care providers gave different advice at every visit for what would be best for my family and I and I wasn’t sure what decisions I should make and how I could communicate those decisions to people who were in positions of power about my care. So, I hired a doula for my pregnancies so that I would have an advocate and a person who was knowledgeable about birth at my side to support and educate me about my choices. My doulas were so valuable to my experiences, and I knew that I wanted to provide a similar type of support to other families who might feel overwhelmed during their pregnancy like I did.

Birth work is my calling- not a career or a job. I truly believe that I can make a difference in the maternal experience of the families I serve. I will be by your side being your cheerleader, trusting you to make the best decisions for your family, and advocating for you in support of those decisions.

My community work includes volunteering and fundraising for Postpartum Support International - South Carolina (PSI-SC). I provide partial or full birth doula scholarships for low-income families and families of color and LGBTQ+ families. I work with a local maternal mental health therapy practice to support maternal and perinatal mental health. I also facilitate and run several free or low-cost support groups for Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders and Postpartum Depression.​

*LGBTQIA+, kink, poly, BDSM, non-monogamous friendly provider.

Theresa Roman Psy-D

  • Psychologist

  • Clinical Director/Co-Owner

  • Doctorate of Psychology, Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

  • Professional Licenses: South Carolina #1650, North Carolina #5573; Florida registered out-of-state teletherapy provider #34

  • Specialized Training: Postpartum Support International, Teletherapy Certified.

Theresa provides screening and assessment in order to work with moms in addressing maternal mental health issues and ongoing individual therapy. She welcomes moms struggling with fertility or pregnancy loss concerns as these are sensitive experiences that often evoke feelings such as shame, guilt and depression. She also specializes in working with adoptive mothers. 

Education: Doctorate of Psychology, Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Professional Licenses: South Carolina #1650, North Carolina #5573; Florida registered out-of-state teletherapy provider #34

Specialized Training: Postpartum Support International, Teletherapy Certified

Emma Kuhns

  • Certified Breastfeeding Counselor - International Doula Institute

  • Certified Postpartum Doula - International Doula Institute

  • Certified Birth doula - International Doula Institute

  • AHA CPR certified for adults and infant/child

Emma helps pregnant people have better birth & postpartum experiences through her passionate support. She can impact a pregnant person's journey by providing non-judgmental support & evidence-based research so that each family can make the best-informed decisions for their individual needs. Emma supports any method of birth & gives unparalleled guidance during emotional situations. She is skilled in recognizing the need for compassionate nurturing & providing a calm harbor in high-stress situations. Emma enjoys learning & works to strengthen her support skills with many educational opportunities.

Emma has been fascinated with pregnancy and loved babies ever since she can remember.  She was planning on becoming an Obstetric Sonographer. While considering her career options, Emma's sister mentioned she was considering becoming a Doula. Emma didn't know what a doula was and when her sister explained the role, Emma immediately knew she would love to support women and their families from pregnancy through postpartum. Becoming a doula wasn't a career option but a calling. Birth is a sacred and intimate experience and she wants to help families have the birth they want, not the birth experience other people tell them they're going to have. Emma has had several people tell her that they couldn't have imagined giving birth without their doula and that their doula was the reason they were able to have a successful birth whether at home or in the hospital.  Learning about the fear of birth that some women experience inspired her even more to be a doula, She wants to be the advocate and pillar of strength for all the families she works with. Empowering women and their partners to have the birth they desire is her passion! She truly loves what she does.

Emma is from MI, & moved to Savannah in the last year with her husband & their dog, Twizzy. Fun fact: Emma was a doula for Twizzy last year when she had puppies!  Emma is at the start of her journey toward becoming a Certified Nurse Midwife and will be splitting her time supporting births and studying for nursing school!


Gabrielle Steward

  • Certified Doula - Madriella Doula Network

  • Certified Postpartum Doula - Madriella Doula Network

  • Young Parent Support Specialist - Madriella Doula Network

  • Childbirth Educator Certification - Madriella Doula Network

  • CPR certified

  • Student Midwife - Midwives College of Utah (in process)

Gabby is a Medical Assistant in Pediatrics where she has been for 7 years. She came into birth work about 2 years ago when looking to further her education. What drew her into becoming a doula was learning of the support and education doulas provide and realizing that if she had a doula when she was birthing her children, she would have had better experiences with her two unplanned cesarean deliveries. Gabby doesn’t want any mother, baby, or family to feel the helpless feelings she felt. After assisting her first birth client, she chose to go into midwifery, and is currently a Student Midwife and learning more each and every day.


Gabby offers prenatal and postpartum doula services and childbirth education. She also serves and gives back in the Savannah Community volunteering with The Living Vine Maternity Home. She served six years in the Army Reserves. Gabby comes with the skills to be flexible and understanding in any stress level situation. She supports with grace and compassion and works with medical staff and clients with a servant leadership mindset. She is from Columbus, Ga, and has been in the Savannah area since being stationed here in 2012. She’s grown to love the area, community, the people she’s met and is looking forward to giving support to families during this big adventure in their lives.

*Teen pregnancy friendly

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