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I cannot express how grateful I am for Alexandra’s care and services. I was very cautious about hiring a doula because I was concerned my VBAC would be unsuccessful. Even if it had ended in a repeat c section, her support was truly needed for my pregnancy and birthing experience. She was always there for me whether it was via text message, calls, or social media. She has a very calm vibe and I think she can read people very well. I got my natural VBAC!! I had dreamed of a natural birth and after a c section with my first, I was afraid it would never happen for me. She believed in me, supported, and guided me through one of the most life changing events in my life. I am so thankful to have had her with me! This doula rocks!

- Melinda V.


Alex was amazing with my wife when it came down to the delivery. She wanted an all-natural no epidural and Alex always knew what to do for what was upcoming and go to approach it. She will give you “tough love” when you need it and be caring at the same time.

- Joey S.


There aren’t words for how grateful I am for Alex not only during my birth but helped me meal prep beforehand! She knew exactly what I wanted and made sure I was supported to make sure that it happened that way even when I doubted myself. If you are looking for someone to truly support you and your choices during labor hire Alex as your Doula you won’t be sorry!!!

-Kaci W.


Alex is incredible. I don't even know where to start. She was just the person we needed at our delivery. When things didn't go as planned, she was calm and ready to help us. Whether you are planning for a home birth, a birth center birth, or a hospital birth-- Alex is the one you want in your corner. She knows just when to push you and just when to comfort you. She worked seamlessly with my husband, our midwife, and the hospital staff. I can't sing her praises enough!!

-Ashley J.


Had a great time at the infant and adult CPR class, so essential for anyone, but especially parents!

-Kaleb S.


There aren’t enough words to describe how grateful my husband- Keith and I are for Alex and her services. Alex is flexible, chill, hardworking, encouraging, supportive, and not to mention LOVES MARVEL. We clicked instantly! Alex was available from the start when I had questions, worries, etc. She checked in with me at all the right times- it was like she knew that I needed some support in that moment. Keith and I felt educated, empowered, and supported as our birth approached. Alex took into account our wants/needs, the type of couple we are, and executed our birth plan flawlessly. Did I mention how supported we felt?!?! As a military couple with no family close by, this was why we succeeded. Alex let Keith take the reins as the main support person during labor and gave him pointers when he needed to be directed. She gave me confidence to advocated for myself whenever I felt like I needed to. When we felt stalled, she jumped right in to help us tackle the next steps. When it was time for me to push, she was right there every step of the way, literally holding my leg. Alex was a great sounding board when Keith and I needed to be heard and she also was straight forward with us when it came time to make decisions. Did our birth go exactly how we wanted? Nope. But we will always have no regrets of how it went and that’s largely to do with Alex. Thank you a million xoxoxox

-Kimberly G.

I wouldn’t have wanted to birth my baby with anyone else! The support Alex gave myself and my husband was unparalleled to any other antepartum and labor support. She truly cares for the laboring woman, her desires while growing and bringing life into this world. She is so encouraging and with you every step of the way. I highly recommend Alex and her services. I can’t wait to use her again in the future.


Alex assisted at my home birth and was amazing! She was quickly available during multiple episodes of false labor, and when the real time came she was so comforting. Her words gave me strength and encouragement to press on during the difficulty of labor. I would highly recommend using her as your doula!


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